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 Here you will find links to interesting and Neuropterida- relevated sites. If readers would like to see other Neuropterological links added to this page, please contact the webmaster in the first instance.


 The position and content of the Order Neuroptera differs slightly depending on the classification used. The main difference comes in acceptance of the higher grouping i.e. does Neuroptera include Megaloptera, Raphidioptera and Planipennia, or does it exclude the first two. There really is no right or wrong notion here, but the International Association of Neuropterology prefers the use of Neuropterida as the senior taxonomic group, including the Orders Megaloptera, Raphidioptera and Neuroptera, accepting that Planipennia is an out moded name. Other points of view also prevail - look for example at the first two web sites listed below.

to Orders to orders (at BiologyBase)
to Families to Families to families and subfamilies (at BiologyBase and Tree of Life by David R. Maddison)
to Species to species (at Fauna Iberica)

General Interest, images, newsletters databases etc.

NeuroWeb The leading source of technical information for research into Neuropterida can be found at NeuroWeb. This site includes a bibliographic database of Neuroptera papers, and many useful links to journals, newsletters, lists and directories.
Journal The International Association for Neuropterology has a Journal (temporarily halted after volume 3), that can be reviewed (content and summaries) at this site.
Newsletter Neuropterologists Newsletter by Norman Penny
CalIndex Ant Lion Pit Brilliant images and quantities of information from California Academy of Sciences and Ant Lion Pit
Drawings Some black and white line drawings from: Insect-GIFs
Antlion Farms Living Antlions from from: Antlion farms


CalIndex MadaNotes

 These two sites by California Academy of Sciences are well worth the visit, including some valuable information and really good images: NEUROPTERIDA SPECIES IN CALIFORNIA (ENTOMOLOGY COLLECTIONS) and NOTES ON THE NEUROPTERA & MEGALOPTERA OF MADAGASCAR AND ADJACENT ISLANDS.

Missouri Museum Missouri Museum
University of Kansas University of Kansas
University of
 Michigan University of Michigan
University of Queensland University of Queensland

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Search Engine: Iowa
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