Constitution and Bye-Laws of the IAN

 The International Association of Neuropterology was founded in Cairo on 5 May 1994.

Article 1. - The Association shall be known as the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEUROPTEROLOGY. The objective of the Association is to provide a forum for communication between persons interested in the study of Neuropteroidea. The Association should operate on a non-profit basis.
Article 2. - Approval of membership of the Association shall be vested in the Board.
Article 3. - The Association shall arrange a Symposium every three years, and this shall also include a meeting of the General Assembly of the International Association for Neuropterology. Only members in good standing will be eligible to vote at the General Assembly.

Article 4. - The association shall be administered by a board of at least four (4) members who are elected by the General Assembly to serve until the next meeting. Members of the board are eligible for re-election. The board reserves the right to co-opt additional members. The board shall comprise a president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. An editor and two additional members may also serve on the board.
Article 5. - The treasurer shall submit a detailed annual financial statement to the board. The financial statements will be made available to members upon request.
Article 6. - Membership fees will be determined by the General Assembly. In exceptional cases membership fees may be waived at the discretion of the board.