The International Association for Neuropterology resolved at its founding meeting in Cairo in May 1994 'to provide a forum for communication between persons interested in the study of Neuropteroidea'.

 This, the official web site of the International Association for Neuropterology (IAN), has been conceived in order to fulfill that resolution. In the main, this is a web site for specialists, but we welcome and encourage visitors. is a portal, linking and supporting the study of insects in the Neuropterida group (i.e. Megaloptera, Raphidioptera & Neuroptera). The bulk of research in this group is carried out on Neuroptera.

 Neuropterida are net-winged insects, represented by our logo (a member of the family Nemopteridae) and other insects in our gallery. Many are important predators, such as Green-lacewings and Ant-lions, the most familiar members of the Neuroptera to non-specialists.